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Nimbus Checkout fixes cart abandonment & dropping conversions by automating the extensive form-filling process.
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Simplifying the checkout process for customers by eliminating the need to fill in endless forms, Nimbus Checkout boosts conversions for eCommerce businesses.

Turn Around Your Business Blues In Just One Click With Nimbus Checkout

  • Customers save their personal and payment information to the Nimbus Checkout network only once while checking out from any participating online store.
  • The checkout tool will auto-fetch customers’ information for all their subsequent purchases across the Nimbus Checkout network.

Why Nimbus Checkout?

Nimbus Checkout tool not only brings great convenience to the customers but also proves to be
immensely profitable for eCommerce businesses.

Improved Conversions


Checkout complexities can cause 70% of customers to abandon their shopping carts. Let your customers enjoy hassle-free shopping as we securely auto-fetch their login and payment information every time they check out at a Nimbus Checkout integrated store.
omnichannel Selling


Nimbus Checkout tool makes selling from multiple online platforms easier than ever. Offer a fast checkout experience to the customers while selling products from any channel including your website, marketplace, social feed, or more places.
Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

Offer an improved checkout experience to customers through multiple payment gateways. Let your customers pay faster with fewer clicks via PayPal, credit/debit cards, UPI apps, net banking, wallets, and more.
High Prepaid Conversions

High Prepaid Conversions

60% of COD orders may lead to increased RTO. Convert maximum COD orders to prepaid by sending automated prepay links. Also, disapprove red-flagged COD orders to increase your prepaid conversion by 15%.

Add Ons

Leverage additional AI tools to track and eliminate the prevailing eCommerce frauds & ensure ultimate business safety.

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Our fraud protection add-on feature reduces business loss caused by fraudulent activities. Our AI-engine flags suspicious transactions in real-time, preventing losses by 80%.

Order Confirmation

Validate your COD orders before shipping them. Segregate the genuine and fake orders with help of our confirmation services through IVR, SMS, or WhatsApp, and increase the delivery success rate.

Order Confirmation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nimbus Checkout powers the fastest buying experience, end-to-end, including one-click checkout. Nimbus Checkout enables shoppers to securely save their information during their first purchase within the Nimbus Checkout Network. Once the information has been saved, a shopper never has to enter personal or payment information again. When a shopper returns to any merchant in our network, they can checkout without completing any forms or remembering any passwords, even if they have never purchased from that merchant before. Instead, a One-Time-Password (OTP) is sent to their phone or email to proceed with secure one-click checkout.

No. Nimbus Checkout is not an additional APM or a checkout plugin. Nimbus Checkout replaces your checkout with a lightweight modal to ensure the customer experience is seamless. Unlike plugins that redirect your customers away from your store to register and potentially abandon their cart, Nimbus Checkout appears seamless to your shoppers and they never leave your site.

With each additional field in the checkout process, shoppers have a higher chance of dropping off and not completing their purchase. With Nimbus Checkout, the checkout form has fewer fields, significantly decreasing the time to purchase and reducing the possibility of user error. Nimbus Checkout tool’s integrated fraud detection means shoppers don’t need to input their billing address. Shoppers making a purchase at any Nimbus Checkout merchant for the first time can complete their purchase as a guest and then create a Nimbus Checkout Account at the end; while returning Nimbus Checkout Account shoppers can complete their purchases with a single click.

Nimbus Checkout is designed for mobile-first and offers near-instant load times that are 10x faster than the industry average. With Nimbus Checkout, your shoppers can complete the checkout process 1.5-2x faster than the average native checkout.

The Nimbus Checkout Network connects retailers and tens of millions of shoppers in a unified, cross-brand network.

Any retailer in the network can treat the 10s of millions of shoppers with Nimbus Checkout accounts like returning customers by offering them one-click checkout, regardless of whether or not the shopper has purchased from that retailer before.

Any shopper with a Nimbus Checkout account can breeze through checkout in one click at any merchant on the Nimbus Checkout network, even if they’ve never been to that site before.

The Nimbus Checkout Network makes this possible. The Nimbus Checkout Network includes all retailers using Nimbus Checkout checkout on their site. The moment a shopper makes a purchase from any merchant on the Nimbus Checkout Network, the shopper can create a Nimbus Checkout Account to save personal and payment information. The next time that shopper makes a purchase from any merchant on the Nimbus Checkout Network, Nimbus Checkout recognizes the shopper’s Nimbus Checkout Account through their email or phone number and offers the seamless, one-click checkout experience–even if that shopper has never purchased from that merchant before.

Shoppers using Nimbus Checkout checkout for the first time can save their shipping and payment information simply at the end of the checkout. When those shoppers return to your site–or any merchant on the Nimbus Checkout Network– Nimbus Checkout recognizes the shopper’s email or phone number, allowing for a secure, one-click checkout that doesn’t require a password. Shoppers who leverage one-click checkout complete orders at a 50% higher rate than shoppers who go through guest checkout.

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