About Us

Creating Integrated eCommerce Experience

Nimbus OS is a technically-advanced SaaS platform for eCommerce businesses. The set of 3600 software solutions enables entrepreneurs to overcome comprehensive challenges in scaling their online business.

The present eCommerce ecosystem has several difficulties like customer drops, payment frauds, fake online orders, incompetent query handling, and others. Nimbus OS brings a fully integrated SaaS platform to ensure smooth management of eCommerce operations and transformation of end customers’ eCommerce experience.

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, we are currently serving eCommerce entrepreneurs with fast checkout, fraud detection, faster shipping, optimized supply chain, superior customer support, and other SaaS solutions based on AI, Machine Learning, automation, and other advanced functionalities.

Transforming the D2C Game.

The current D2C system faces several challenges like customer drops, payment fraud, fake order issues, incompetent query handling, poor shipment handling, and so on. Compromised safety of the users, poor order fulfilment processes, and ineffective customer support are the key reasons behind failing businesses.

With Nimbus OS, we are streamlining D2C operations to facilitate swifter and better customer experiences. The 3600 integrated operating system promotes a friction-free shopping experience for customers, faster order fulfilment, streamlined warehouse operations, omnichannel customer support, and much more. By facilitating real-time data for actionable insights through automation, we enable infinite growth opportunities for the D2C business model.

Nimbus OS - A Solution For Every Need


Nimbus Checkout facilitates a fast and seamless shopping experience and minimum cart abandonment. The technically advanced one-click checkout boosts conversions by reducing the gap between browsing and buying. The automated tool lets customers skip the long form-filling process by auto-fetching their payment information which is saved only once while checking out from a partner website registered on the Nimbus checkout network.

Fraud Detection

Nimbus Fraud Detection tool lets D2C businesses realize their full potential with its multilayered defense against eCommerce fraud. Online brands can approve or reject the orders in real-time depending on the risk involved and get rid of the major hindrances like fake orders, high-risk orders, account attacks, payment frauds, etc. with the AI-enabled tool.


Nimbus Shipment lets businesses fulfil orders at lightning speed by bringing 100+ local and national courier partners on a single platform. The AI-enabled carrier recommendation engine, maximum pin code reach, end-to-end NDR management, bulk shipping label printing, and automated shipment handling facilitate a friction-free shopping experience for customers.


Nimbus WMS offers 100% inventory exposure to let the businesses have a streamlined supply chain. By storing inventory in warehouses near customers, brands can save huge on the transportation cost and boost their revenue by nearly 25%. Accurate inventory visibility and improved inventory distribution across warehouses let businesses always maintain a healthy stock level.

Customer Support

Nimbus Customer Support enables businesses to resolve customer queries promptly through omnichannel support. The AI-enabled CS tool creates a unified view of a customer across all channels to ensure streamlined support in a single place. The technically advanced tool also helps boost the team’s efficiency through an automated ticket routing feature.