A Truly Integrated Customer Journey
Nimbus D2C OS offers you a line of advanced software solutions to redefine your customers’ eCommerce experience.

360° Integrated Solutions For Streamlined eCommerce

Nimbus OS’s advanced SaaS solutions make eCommerce businesses safer, faster & more powerful for you and your customers. Choose the solutions your business needs today!

d2c os 360
D2C OS 360°

Experience 360° eCommerce Boost

Nimbus OS’s 360° SaaS solutions for D2C and eCommerce businesses enable a better shopping experience for your customers. Offer a safe and easy shopping experience to your customers and streamline your eCommerce operations by leveraging our advanced software solutions. From fast checkout, one-day deliveries to streamlined warehouse operations, Nimbus OS brings you the possibility of infinite growth opportunities with its set of advanced operating systems.

  • Fastest checkout for a hassle-free shopping experience & reduced cart abandonment
  • Detect frauds at their origin and protect your platform & customers against attacks
  • Manage seamless logistics through integrated channels and multiple courier options
  • Experience maximum inventory accuracy and supply chain efficiency with 100% inventory exposure
  • Resolve escalations at lightning speed with an optimized support system
  • Optimize your finance matters by monitoring and evaluating all expenses in a single place
d2c os 360
one click checkout
One-click Checkout

Reduce Cart Abandonment & Boost Conversions

Nimbus OS’s one-click checkout software solution is a fast, secure, and easy way to boost your customers’ buying experience. Let your customers save their personal and payment information with Nimbus Checkout network once & we’ll auto-fill the complete information for every subsequent purchase across our network. The advanced solution empowers your business in a number of ways.

  • Narrowed gap between browsing and buying
  • Better customer experience results in repeat purchase
  • Higher prepaid conversions result in higher GMV for business
  • 100% RTO protection with AI-powered RTO product suite
  • Reduced RTO by 30% using ML, real-time analytics, and COD order confirmation
  • Valuable insights into buying behavior through data visualizations
one click checkout
fraud detection
Fraud Detection

Protect Your Business From Frauds & Scams

Fraud and scams not only eat up your business profits but also damage your business profile and market repute. Use the Nimbus Fraud Detection tool to proactively stop payment frauds, scam content, chargebacks, etc. Our AI-engine processes orders on your Shopify store; scans all the provided details by the customers; examines them against various parameters, and thereafter categorizes orders as low-risk or high-risk orders. Experience the following advantages through our advanced fraud detection solution.

  • Complete control over account takeover attacks on your website
  • Zero payment fraud promotes more sales and seamless transactions
  • Red-flagged transactions by AI-engine let you reduce fraud losses by 80%
  • Zero fraudulent content like spams, scams, etc. to safeguard the integrity of your platform
  • Filtration of orders with incorrect/incomplete address
  • Conversion of risky COD orders into prepaid orders
fraud detection

Automate Shipping to Boost Order Fulfilment

Delayed deliveries are among the major reasons for canceled orders, resulting in a high RTO percentage. Automate your logistics operations through Nimbus OS’s tech-enabled shipment tool to cut down the fulfilment time and save money on return orders. Integrate with leading courier partners and marketplaces in a single click, speed up your order fulfilment workflow, and take full control of undelivered orders through automated NDR follow-ups and real-time shipment tracking. Our tech-enabled, multi-carrier shipping software rewards your business in the following ways.

  • Faster order fulfilment to promote less RTO percentage
  • Single click API integration with couriers and marketplaces
  • AI-enabled carrier recommendation engine for optimized shipping experience
  • Advanced NDR management & maximum control over RTO orders with automated follow-ups
  • Free customized shipping labels in a few clicks for personalized customer experience
  • Advanced fraud detection feature to save your platform and business
warehouse management software
Warehouse Management Software

Promote Inventory Accuracy & Maximize Supply Chain Efficiency

End-to-end inventory management in a single place plays an important role in seamless manpower management, easy operations, and 100% operational accuracy in the first attempt. Connect your listing tool in a few clicks, send inventory, and start selling as we sync your sales channel with our platform. Get a single view of your complete inventory across all sales channels and boost sales by double. Our advanced WMS assists your fulfilment process in the following manner.

  • Optimal store allocation helps in optimizing inventory distribution
  • B2B and B2C order processing is done from a single platform
  • 100% inventory exposure with complete trackability
  • Optimal inventory redistribution between stores
  • Extra purchase is prevented with unified warehousing
  • Flawless invoice generation through end-to-end billing management
Warehouse management software
customer support
Customer Support

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are Through Omnichannel Support

Reaching customers where they are has become immensely important for businesses today. Create a unified experience for your customers through an omnichannel support platform. Also, help your team respond faster and more efficiently by leveraging the advanced AI-based ticket routing technology. Empower your team and ensure more meaningful support by prioritizing, categorizing, and assigning tickets to the right agent. Our advanced CS platform enables superior support handling in the following manner.

  • Stay connected with customers across multiple channels without letting them repeat themselves
  • Eliminate wait time by assigning tickets to the right agent through automated ticket routing
  • Reduce repetitive tasks and boost your team’s productivity
  • Enable self-support for customers by creating a knowledge base
  • Resolve routine inquiries faster through automated bot support
customer support

How Nimbus OS Turns Around Your Business Growth

The eCommerce industry is evolving, and so should the way your business functions. Save time and money, and eliminate mistakes through the combined power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and a cloud-based SaaS platform.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Promise a superior shopping experience to customers through friction-free buying via a quick checkout solution.

Higher Conversions

Uplift customers’ eCommerce experience with maximum platform safety and fastest deliveries & get higher conversions.

Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable insights into the buying behaviour of your customers and respond to their changing needs and preferences smartly.

Eliminate Disruptions

Scale your eCommerce operations through AI, ML & automation for a richer outcome.

We Are Trusted By The Best

We shape your eCommerce journey the way it suits our clients’ businesses and their customers. Let’s hear it from them!

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We Are Trusted By The Best

The logistics industry has changed, and so should your eCommerce shipping pattern. Save time and money and eliminate mistakes through the combined power of AI technology and a cloud-based SaaS platform.

Our Exclusive Insights Into Scaling Business

Stay ahead of the market trends and get the sharpest ideas to scale your brand.

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